Welcome, extraordinary sister, to the next step in your journey.
You've come so far.

Take a moment to receive that acknowledgement.

You've had the courage to act with mission-fueled purpose in your life and business.
You lead with soulful intuition.

And now, you're feeling the calling to go deeper, step up your game and reveal your wings.

If you deeply desire to...

Soar above the fear that your business is slowing down - pull back your shoulders and connect with leaders where the pace feels alive.

Approach that long list of to-do's - content creation, web copy, guest blog submissions, and investing in your inner work - with radiant, embodied ease and confident flow.

Travel through the fear that new coaches are popping up daily, and beyond the "Time is running out" worries, and into the magical land of feminine leadership and celebrated recognition.

Then this is where you should come in for landing, lovely.

This is the only deep dive Mastermind experience that offers in person retreats and live coaching. Why? Because we want you to get up close and personal with the experiences, wisdom, and connection of high level mentors in an intimate circle where you will be seen and heard.

Other masterminds cost thousands of dollars for short weekend retreats and packed conference lines. You spend lots of money to barely get noticed by the leader you are investing in building a close relationship with.

As you fly, I feel you hum the L-O-V-E tune for your work. It's time to stop feeling like an outsider looking in, and finally feel part of a Soul-Sisterhood of your very own.

Thank you for your courage to spread your wings, and your willingness to have your life go even better then you imagined you could manifest. Here we go!

If you're feeling called toward the next phase of leadership. I'm devoted to take you there.

Over the next 9 months I'll break my heart & smarts open in our intimate circle and you'll learn exactly how to build a dream business and lifestyle from a place of fearless, feminine, flow.

Are you with me?

Take a deep, luxurious breath, and read on

The Sisterhood Mastermind is:

a private, carefully curated business + life design Mastermind for 9 exceptional women who are ready to walk the priestess path.

What is a Priestess?

Priestess - A woman awake in her femininity. A spiritual activist doing the work of the Divine in the world. A seeker. A mystic. A poetess. A dancer. A lover. A warrior. A mother. A sorceress. The Priestess allows all of the ways of the Lady to live in her. A revolutionary force of kindness, compassion, strength and fortitude; A woman who dances with the elements, and practices self-love as a devotion to the Goddess. She listens. She responds. She is still and moving at the same time. From her connection to Source, she is a beacon of spirit and soul, radiating blessings around her and enlivening any being who comes into contact with her. Everyone is the artist of their lives, and the Priestess is trained to become a devotional artist of service and healing.

I invite you to join me + a devoted circle of 9 sisters for a 9-month journey in leadership with the added bonus of archetypal goddess healing integration.

This is so much more than a stunningly helpful support system for coaches ready to take their businesses up a notch (or 10).

It's a 9-month experience, designed as a safe, nourishing space for you to ask all of your questions, get unparalleled help, and skyrocket your journey to radiating your brilliance. This is a platform to spread your wings, as you integrate your masculine and feminine energies toward greater service.

And you'll do it all cradled in a loving, close-knit community of like-pathed women who share your commitment to the road less traveled. You are on the heroines journey, and it's time to expand into conscious participation, carefully curated by Jey, for those of you who are feeling deeply called.

Each month, I'll introduce you to a new Archetypal Energy, and together, we'll explore a more expansive perception of the reality our lives and businesses are creating.

You'll experience miraculous shifts in your thinking, and learn how to resonate with transformative powers.

We'll take your everyday to-do's, and turn them into higher frequencies of being, living, working, and loving from a powerful feminine approach and flow.

Get more details here

Every Monday, we'll start the week by connecting virtually,
over the phone or on Google+,
at 2pm EST for one hour.

Get more details here

Week One

(Jey led goddess meditation + community call)

We'll declare our desires, and use our collective power to begin integration and manifestation

Week Two

(Jey+sister circle led coaching call)

We'll meet in our circle to mastermind, and create clarity and momentum where you need it most.

Week Three

(teacher/guru led live call)

A very special guest will be joining us for an intensive class to share their unique genius

Week Four

(sister-led live call)

Every sister will get a chance to empower our community, shine, and lead a workshop of her choice.

In-person adventures also happen every season. So plan for 3 transformative half-day workshops at my Summer home in CT or Winter home in Puerto Rico (surprise guest speakers included!)

PLUS, your ticket is covered to take the stage and shine at the transformative Captivate Retreat and 4-day weekend getaway.

(Because I want to squeeze you in real life!)

A 4 day weekend retreat in NY/CT LIVE. A high level networking event and performance with Jey + guest speakers. There will be writing and speaking workshops, chances to take the stage to speak your message, deepen into sisterhood, self care, freedom, ease and many surprise adventures.

It's an experience that's only open to 30 women. Get more details here

Accountability extra's & surprise gifts are included, of course! You know how I roll. We'll be tracking your feminine flow and ensuring your ambition and happy hustle is influenced and supported.

The highly-trained, hard-hustling coach,
who's running herself ragged, and craving more space in her life for fun, freedom, play, and deep healing using modern mystic rituals.

The fabulous woman with a noisy inner critic,
that keeps her doubting, playing small, and hiding her best ideas.

The bright light whose sparkle is dimmed by her stuckness,
who wants to radiate the infectious energy her dream clients are searching for and walk the priestess path.

The mission-driven woman running her own biz with fire + soul,
who desires to explore the next level of sisterhood to support her intentions, and expand her level of consciousness.

The shining star amped to take her biz to the next level,
with powerhouse leaders, 1-1 help from me, and an intimate community she can count on.

The "best kept secret"
who's ready to become a magnetic leader.

And it would be my deepest honor to walk you through this next phase, arm in arm.
Because once upon a time, your story was my story, too.

When I began my journey to become a life coach, I thought I wanted to be my own boss, and make money with a business I loved. However, over the past two years, I've realized success means so much more than being a profitable business owner.

So I began to open my eyes to a different way of viewing my life and the world as I saw it. Thanks to wonderful teachers and sisters Nisha Moodley and Elayne Doughtry, I opened my heart on a deeper level, to see my role in the transformation as it is occurring.

On my search for success, I discovered a constantly changing, fresh, holographic perspective on my life and concerns. I found the larger cycles of my life, and began to dance in the light and dark with fearless ease. I found new ways to answer the question "Who Am I?" I've devoted my life to sisterhood, and the study of the divine feminine. I found simplicity, stillness, and silence.

This is a new paradigm for leadership, and I'm called to break open and share these teachings, and learn from you sisters in circle. This container will be held from a space of co-leadership, and I will be vulnerably raw and open with this intimate circle.

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The Sisterhood Mastermind begins in February with 9 spaces available. These spots are carefully curated and invitation only - BUT THEY FILL FAST (TRULY!)

Each sister that joins has the option to recommit for the following year after her 9-month journey completes.
So - this may be your one shot to get in. Don't let this chance slip by you, my love.

If a sister decides her journey is complete, we will open up this spot to the women on the wait-list for the next year.

It's completely virtual (with 4 opportunities to join us in person) and you can participate from around the world!



Total investment in your soul journey: $7,000
Or 3 payments of $2,500

(captivate retreat included in investment)

The application period for
the Sisterhood Mastermind is currently closed.

Please click here to join the waitlist.

If you have any questions or need support please email Jey personally + immediately at


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